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HT Bazar

Flawless dermaplane Glo

Flawless dermaplane Glo

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The next generation OF dermaplane: this is
a non-vibrating facial exfoliator- Made for
absolute precision.
Each package includes 1 dermaplane Glo
dermaplane with 6 replacement heads and
1 AAA battery for the LED light. Bright LED
light ensures you'll never miss a spot as you
remove peach fuzz and exfoliate your skin.
Flawless Glo is designed like the
professional-grade devices used
by estheticians and board-certified
dermatologists. They do not use Vibrating
dermaplane devices because they do not
yield the same level of precision and control
as a static, non-vibrating dermaplaning
Dermaplaning can smooth the appearance
of fine lines and improve the application of
makeup and creams.
Skin Type: Sensitive
Dermaplane head includes a ridged safety
guard that helps to protect skin.


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